Wednesday 3 December 2014

a tree at wartime

hi I wrote this poem for the remembrance day ceremony at my new school , hope you like it.

here i stand 
watching the solders run 
they can run
they can hide
we can't
 we are rooted to our spots 
they keep fighting 
and night 
but why here? 
what have we done 
us trees ?
never fighting 
with no borders 
having to watch 
the others fall 
the others explode 
the others kill 
the others die 
waiting for them 
to blow us up 
with bombs meant to destroy the other side
but they kill us too 
a tree 
at war 

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Blooming by Clara

When Clara saw the above painting, she said, "Wait...I have a poem."

Here it is.

by Clara

I was first looking,
Then leaning in for a sweet smell,
It captivated me,
It was growing on me
And then it happened
At first I didn't feel it.

I couldn't see
Taken in by it
I tried to pull it off
But it was connected to me
The connection stronger than anything I felt
I touched my face to see what it was
A blooming flower
With roots

Monday 3 June 2013

Powerful lightning!

                                                  Powerful lightning!

 I run into my house I slam my door closed just before the rain pours !
 then i curl in my fluffy, warm , blanket! and i start the fire. I roast marshmallow's and I look
 out my window ........... I see ....... I see lighting strike through the sky! and I hear the dropping rain
 tickle and tease the roof of my house I feel so bad for the roof :( but i am soooooo warm! then in 
 only a few minutes i am asleep.
 By : Erika

Breakfast By Pat

This is a little poem I wrote today. Enjoy!

Pancakes, soft and sweet with maple syrup.
Eggs, so much variety.
Bagels, so good with butter.
Waffles, chewy and delicious with fruits and chocolate sauce.
Cereal, for those days when you just need to get somewhere.
Muffins, home made and fresh
And coffee, even though my parents say I can’t have any yet.

Our Contributions for the Coffee House

Our first Coffee House is coming up! We will be sharing some of our awesome poetry with parents, families and friends on Tuesday, June 11th in the evening.

The Ukulele Club and the Strings Club will also be sharing at the Coffee House.

 If you want to see what you're signed up for, or add comments because you want to change your plan, or add something new, check out this link.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Lip Dub Practices

Check these out...

Notice what we did well and what we still have to work on to make an awesome Lip Dub!

Monday 29 April 2013

Some Poems by Finley

Natures Song

the wind flows
my body glows
in the sun
away far from here
where houses never hold you back
only forests 
deep dark black
birds flapping
is natures song


oh where. oh where 
is everywhere
is everywhere everywhere?
or is everywhere nowhere?


sensation rushes
sensation hushes 
when you are let down
you feel it in one place
only that place
and that place is your...


your heart
is a part
of a cart
full of 
corn and
it fills the cart up
full of happiness 
for the people who need it