Monday, 29 April 2013

Some Poems by Finley

Natures Song

the wind flows
my body glows
in the sun
away far from here
where houses never hold you back
only forests 
deep dark black
birds flapping
is natures song


oh where. oh where 
is everywhere
is everywhere everywhere?
or is everywhere nowhere?


sensation rushes
sensation hushes 
when you are let down
you feel it in one place
only that place
and that place is your...


your heart
is a part
of a cart
full of 
corn and
it fills the cart up
full of happiness 
for the people who need it

Aron by Oceanna

      Is  Aron kind and careing ?
     Is he kind wen left behind?
     Or mean and nasty, black and slimy?
     has he ever been kind?

               By Oceanna


Friday, 26 April 2013

Writing Poems in Back to Nature on Earth Day

I LOVE Fin's face in this shot!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Poems by Fiona

Poems, By Fiona

Pink ones
Blue ones
Green ones
Many different colour ones

Like to play
During the day

Building blocks
Balls that lock
Springs that cling
Lots of things


Lemon swirls
Colours whirl


Eating a lemon drop
Your mom says STOP
But who would?


Hard candy mummies
Lots of flavors
That you savour


Kids are running
They are very stunning
In the place they are

Kids play inside
Kids play outside
They have a world of there own

Kids fight
And bite
And usually never Hustle

Kids are kids
And that’s the way it is


Arts and Crafts
Glue guns
Scissors in kids hands
While they run

Crayons smudged
Dots and lines
Drawings judged

Colours Galore
Pencils and pens
Adults want more

Earth Day Poem by Julianna

Bees buzzing
Pussy willows fuzzing
Birch ripped
Bugs flipped
Tree trimming
Logs swimming
Leaves crumble
Giant rumble
Wind blows
Cold toes
Flowers bloom
It's natures doom
So beware
If we don't care
This could all end
So be a friend

          By:Julianna Haugen

Monday, 22 April 2013

Back To Nature Inspiration

Because it was such a lovely day outside poetry club decided what not a better way to look at some of the greatest inspiration are world and celebrate earth day with some gorgeous  fresh air.
Here are my 2 poems that i got from the world around us .
Hope you enjoy !

The sun curls around 
nested in between there family
branches twisting by there side
wind rusuling trough
every while
some one falls
not to the ground 
but to some place new
to leave on a journey 
every leaf one at at time
every mountain and every brook
every forest and dessert too
spreading seeds for other trees

Russel Russel
in my hair 
birds are flying every where
Beat Beat 
the sun on me 
and the tree 
next to me
Swish Swish
in the bush 
thorny roses on my tosh 
Blow Blow 
says the wind 
goodbye to my kin
Love Love
thank you nature
for you are my greatest neighbor

- sharky (jowlgurl)

Nature Poem by Erika

                           RICKI'S NATURE POEM
        I love nature , it is just so beautiful , and natural. it is wind , it is warmth , it is

       sun , it is cold , plants planted in the damp soil , trees keep everyone live with oxygen.

       sun at the beach with neon green seaweed , waving back and forth in the crystal clear

       water , sand blowing in my face , trying to say hello but doesn't have any voice , and

       the leaves crackling when i step on them.

       By : Ricki


My Nature Poem ~ Fiona

Today is Earth day so today poetry club went outside to write poems about our earth and nature.
Here is the poem that I wrote:


Summer breezes
Winter teases
Rain falls
Flower walls
Outside you can play
and sway
To the tree's beat

Bright, shining sun
Kids and cats run
Nature is fun

Bumble bees
Drifting leaves
Digging dirt
Berries Squirt

Nature acts Bezurk

By: Fiona H.

Poetry Club Pass Around Poems

We wrote these poems in our second Poetry Club meeting, as pass-around poems.

love you see when people hold hands
love you hear like the wind
love you smell when two people stare 
love can't be written in a book
love can't be broken 
love is harmony and joy
love is when you love someone
love will come to all but not all at once 
love is what brings us all together a one

fun is, lying in the sun,
but not when you have to run, 
from big and tall,
so that's what makes me feel small,
i want real fun for everyone!,
friends make me feel happy,
with them real fun can happen,
adventures and games aren't far away when friends are all around
i don't want to go away!

is a description for emotions,
emotions are just that!,
also you can feel creeped out like when your going to school and your neighbor comes out and collects the newspaper in their underwear!
there are also random emotions that just burst out of your mouth when you aren't aware of it.

puppies are like a warm cup of hot chocolate after a cold nippy snowstorm,
a puppy's lick is like a breath of fresh air,
a puppy's heart is as big as an elephant,
they offer you comfort,
and puts the home in house,
i love my puppy and i always will!
it's jowls are like a wave melting from the ocean under a beautiful sunset,
life without my puppy would be like i couldn't find myself,
i'd be LOST,
puppies are awesome,
puppies are cool,
puppies are playful and so are you!

hope is what wakes you up in the morning,
hope is like a Caterpillar pushing out of its cocoon,
hope is what you want in the world,
hope has no limit,
you might have glass and bumps but hope is what makes you,
hope is joyful,
hope is fun,
hope is mom,
hope is dad,
hope is you,
hope is soccer,
hope is you,
and you,
hope is what tucks you in at night!

is so cold and refreshing,
i can feel it everywhere,
it's like a new life to life to live,
water is in a glass and texture of silk,
water water is so peaceful.

you have such a big heart,
you're kind and fun and really smart,
you always find the time to play,
i want to be like you someday,
love is like the stars there are thousands of them but you'll have to treat them well,
so listen well,
you'll need to know that love will grow and grow!,
love is strong and weak,
love can be lots of different things,
love is as strong as a ton of medal bars,
it is love,
love is everything,
to me!

a circle,
no beginning or end,
 it's just there
 it can expand and shrink,  
but can not break,
there is room for everyone,
there is room for anyone,
it is open,
it has enough space for anything,
but anything is not everything,
and something will be left out!,
a circle,
so smooth,
they have no grooves,
circles bounce,
they are painted ones and not painted ones,
a circle so smooth, smooth, smooth
at night,
when i look up at the sky,
i see thousands of stars,
but there's one i always see,
sometimes i wish upon it,
and hope my wildest dreams,
will come true,
will they?
i hope they do,
so they must come true,
my heart and everything else depend on it,
all i want is,
to get my wish to live forever so i can see that stuff forever.

the day is dawning,
the lights are leaving the ever vacant sky,
my heart yearns for the night,
the sky is purple,
and pink,
i look up and i can see my reflection.

my tree holds me and cradles me,
in the sun,
it trusts me and i trust it,
but sometimes i don't,
sometimes I'm scared,
and afraid,
it could break at any moment,
i could fall,
i love that tree,
it has green,
and orange,
leaves on its head,
and bright brown bark \
the colour of chocolate on it's neck,
it's roots shape around the ground,
breathing in carbon dioxide,
into our world,
who would want to hurt this tree?,
it does so much for us,
offering us the gift of air,
so thank you tree,
my tree holds me,
and cradles me,
from storms,
don't take it away from me,
i love my tree,
and it loves me,
thank you tree.

my dog is fast at running,
my dog plays,
my dog is fun,
he is my best friend.

they walk,
they talk,
they sing,
they dance,
they are your dreams,
you don't always remember,
but you know they happened,
they are sometimes,
happy like the sun,
or as sad and scary,
as death!
but they are there if you want or not,
they are sometimes fantasy,
or as real as life,
they twist,
and turn,
you meet people you know and people you don't know,
people you like and people you don't like,
life is a lot of fun  but sometimes it isn't,
a dream could pounce at any moment,
but only when you're asleep.

my life so far is poor,
I'm living under a tree,
I've been eating cocoanuts for the last 50 days,
my head is aching,
with thoughts of the future,
will i survive?
 I'm slowly moving forward one step at a time,
i feel dead,
life has no meaning for me,
but it does for yours,
so you love your life,
 I'll try to love mine.  

Nature by Oceanna

Nature is trees
Nature is grass
It's soil
That's nature
So don't stay
So don't stay
Just try to rhyme
Just try to rhyme
Cuz we don't want to be
Cuz we don't want to be
Just a bunch of
Just weeds
Just weeds
Admire your life
Don't stay tight inside
Admire life
Don't you love the trees?
Don't you love the trees?
Don't you love the grass?
Don't you love the grass?
Don't you love the soil?
Don't you love the soil?
But I just want to say
But I just want to say
Just don't take a bath in that
Just don't take a bath in that
Just don't take a bath in that

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Season Poems by Ricki


Summer Summer Summer i love summer ! summer is a time for

warmth, heat, and sun! summer is so hot ,hot as a boiling pot on a

stove that's boiling  hot water ! fall is warmish coldish it is fun to play

 winter i love winter ! but sometimes

you can get a frostbite when you are outside tobogganing !

I love seasons it's so much fun!


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Winter Poem by Ricki

                             Winter Poem 
                       Here comes winter , the coldest season of all 
                       seasons! I love to lick snowflakes, when i look up 
                      in the sky i see a very grey and white sky, and when i look up   
                       all of the snow flakes fall on my face and melt  away , they turn into
                        water and drip down my face onto my coat then my boot then the ground

                        I love Winter!

                        By : Erika                                 

The Thorn -by Gabby

The Thorn
If you go into the woods
and hear
 a snap and a crack
you will know the Thorn is there waiting for a snack.

You do not look behind for you will not know what your eyes will see
because of the thunderous crack.
You smell the thorn's eternal stench
like mouldy meat and who-knows-what
You turn around and you see black
You slide right down a perfect snack.
The End
 No wait there's more
Did you know the Thorn is not a carnivore?
If you did
Well good for you,
If you didn't
well now you know too.
So it couldn't have been the Thorn
that just ate you.
It could have been the monserous malump
the gigantic giant
it was just a dream.
If it wasn't a dream you were lucky
those monsters do not chew.

Monday, 15 April 2013


this is a wonderful website that offers information about poetry , poets and many great poems by children and famous authors.
you should check it out

Monday, 8 April 2013

Helpful Site

Here is a very cool website that might help you write poems,when you type a word it find a bunch of rhymes.
Here is the site!


Poetry Tips--Fiona

Here are some tips about writing poetry:

Some things about poems/poetry:
-The words don't necessarily have to rhyme
-Most poems are split up into verses which means you are getting to a different thing about what you are writing about
-When you want a pause in your poems you start on the next line, sometimes lines can be really long and sometimes they can be really short like one word
-When you are writing a poem you don't have to follow any punctuation rules or any grammar rules but you kinda do have to follow the spelling rule unless you make a word up
-When you write a poem sometimes you write about what you like and sometimes you write about what you feel or what you are doing it depends
-When you write a prom you don't have to be all bland, when you write a poem you get to express yourself and write about anything you want to

Here are some ideas for poem topics:
- Describing yourself or something or someone
- Your feelings and what emotions you have at the moment
- What you feel about something or someone
- A really funny poem about some random things
- A really serious poem about something you want people to realize
- Seasons (winter, summer, spring, fall)

Or some creative idea of your own

Some poetry line starters:
- I feel....
- I taste....
- I smell....
- I enjoy...
- Then all of a sudden....
- I never knew....

There are lots of different types of poems:
- Haiku
- Rhyming poem
- Regular type of poem

And remember the most important thing is that no poem is bad!
Those are some tips I have for writing a poem!


Snowflakes--A Poem About Winter's Treat of Snow

I know it's summer and the snow is melting, but it is still good once in a while to look back to the snowy days.


falling gentely
drifting slowly
with a gift
of it's own
to get the place
one a cherry red tongue

Where the snow melts
like never before
it's always ones dream
to melt
just like a popsicle
melting on a warm summer day
to be where
the snowflake is
right now
in the tongue
so gentle
so sweet
just like the touch of a heart

cheeks of warmth
chills of cold
what a wonderful snowflake it is

By: Fiona Haugen

My Poem -Finley

i know it's summer when I scrape my knees
i climb up trees
with branches throughout the  oak
I poke 
The tree
That so rudely stands in front of me
did you think that a tree could be so rude 
Teens pass and say "hey dude"
I say hello
And listen to my playlist called mellow
Oh what a day
Oh what a week
Oh what a SUMMER

Created and published by Finley Briggs-Webb

Our First Poetry Template

Poetry is….

It makes me…

When I read a poem, I feel…
I see….
I smell…
I taste…
I want to…
I dream of….

When I write a poem, I feel…
I see…
I smell…
I taste…
I want to…
I dream of…

That’s what a poem does to me.