Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Thorn -by Gabby

The Thorn
If you go into the woods
and hear
 a snap and a crack
you will know the Thorn is there waiting for a snack.

You do not look behind for you will not know what your eyes will see
because of the thunderous crack.
You smell the thorn's eternal stench
like mouldy meat and who-knows-what
You turn around and you see black
You slide right down a perfect snack.
The End
 No wait there's more
Did you know the Thorn is not a carnivore?
If you did
Well good for you,
If you didn't
well now you know too.
So it couldn't have been the Thorn
that just ate you.
It could have been the monserous malump
the gigantic giant
it was just a dream.
If it wasn't a dream you were lucky
those monsters do not chew.


  1. that is such a cool and awesome poem gabby!

    i love it ! and i like how at the very end of

    your poem you said "no wait theres more"

    it was really Awesome!

  2. that is really great thank you.