Monday, 8 April 2013

Poetry Tips--Fiona

Here are some tips about writing poetry:

Some things about poems/poetry:
-The words don't necessarily have to rhyme
-Most poems are split up into verses which means you are getting to a different thing about what you are writing about
-When you want a pause in your poems you start on the next line, sometimes lines can be really long and sometimes they can be really short like one word
-When you are writing a poem you don't have to follow any punctuation rules or any grammar rules but you kinda do have to follow the spelling rule unless you make a word up
-When you write a poem sometimes you write about what you like and sometimes you write about what you feel or what you are doing it depends
-When you write a prom you don't have to be all bland, when you write a poem you get to express yourself and write about anything you want to

Here are some ideas for poem topics:
- Describing yourself or something or someone
- Your feelings and what emotions you have at the moment
- What you feel about something or someone
- A really funny poem about some random things
- A really serious poem about something you want people to realize
- Seasons (winter, summer, spring, fall)

Or some creative idea of your own

Some poetry line starters:
- I feel....
- I taste....
- I smell....
- I enjoy...
- Then all of a sudden....
- I never knew....

There are lots of different types of poems:
- Haiku
- Rhyming poem
- Regular type of poem

And remember the most important thing is that no poem is bad!
Those are some tips I have for writing a poem!


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