Monday, 8 April 2013

My Poem -Finley

i know it's summer when I scrape my knees
i climb up trees
with branches throughout the  oak
I poke 
The tree
That so rudely stands in front of me
did you think that a tree could be so rude 
Teens pass and say "hey dude"
I say hello
And listen to my playlist called mellow
Oh what a day
Oh what a week
Oh what a SUMMER

Created and published by Finley Briggs-Webb


  1. AWESOME POEM, FIN! I really think you put a lot of effort into that poem! Definitely publishing worthy!


  2. this absoultoley beatiful and wonderful
    i love it


  3. INCREDIBLE poem fin,

    i loved your poem,the words in your poem are just so juicy and

    the poem is so incredible and cool! and at this moment i dont

    think i could not like it because it is just so juicy !

    thank you so much for posting your awesome wonderful poem!